Monday, 6 November 2017

Explain the principles of active participation

There is a proverb I can remember of that “An idle is a devil’s workshop”. Hence, we require stimulating our brain with various activities. (This phrase has intended for humour)

Active participation is about an individual’s right to participate in all kind of activities independently regardless their medical conditions and disability. Every individual has right to be included in all kind of activities. They have right to say and to be heard being part of the community. Many individuals with limited mobility or individuals with special needs are being excluded sometimes from participating in activities, due to organisations' lack of resources and neglect. This kind of discriminatory practice has a great impact on individual’s life. Principles of active participation are dignity, rights and independence.

Active participation supports individuals to understand their value in the community, which help them to gain self-esteem, and reduce isolation to become victim of potential abuse. It increases individual’s independence and fulfil social and spiritual needs. It also gives an opportunity to say something which is directly concern to them. Active participation not only promotes these values, but also improves individual’s physical and mental health and wellbeing.

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