Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Describe person centred approaches

Any approaches that support an individual’s unique quality of life are called person centred approaches - Defined By Foisal Talukdar.

Person centred approach is an approach to determine care and provide support to an individual, taking into account of individual’s unique quality, choices, abilities and needs. When an individual lives in a group of other individuals in a residential, nursing or supported home, then care and support should be provided according to each individual’s preferences and needs. Few person centred approaches are described here in below-
  • Providing entrance and exit facilities respecting individual’s disabilities and special needs
  • Providing information in verbal, written and Braille format
  • Providing activities that attract and cover all individuals interests
  • Providing brochure and food menu services to respect choices
  • Providing interpreter or translation service for the people with language and cultural differences
  • Using signs and marks in the premises, to make individuals as much independent as possible
  • Providing facilities that respect user’s disability

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