Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Explain the following prevention methods to reduce the spread of infection

Understand how to reduce the spread of infection

a)       Hand washing: Hand washing is one of the most important methods to prevent infection (pathogen) to get into the body. Most of the pathogens spread from hands as we use it to contact other people physically. Therefore, we should wash our hand frequently to keep pathogens away to get into our body. We should also follow proper hand washing techniques using anti bacterial soap and gel.

b)       Own personal hygiene: Our own personal hygiene is sometimes responsible for infection to get into our body. Pathogens get into our body, sometimes from finger nails, jewellery, watches and other ornaments. Therefore, we should keep ourselves clean, keep our nails cleaned and cut and wear less jewellery. We also should not wear any jewellery with sharp edges. We must use gloves, apron, goggles and musk as necessary.

c)       Encouraging the individual’s personal hygiene: An individual may become very prone to infection due to their age and medical conditions. Therefore, we should encourage them to keep their nails cut short and cleaned. We should also encourage them to wash their hand.

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