Friday, 20 November 2015

What key guidelines, procedures and codes of practice are relevant to your work?

Guidelines, procedures and codes of practices are vital part of any businesses. All employee within the organisation or any company should follow and work according to the company’s guidelines, procedures and codes of practices. They are set out of company’s internal policies and national or individual business framework. Those are set to assist you with your job role and how one should carried out their tasks. Key guidelines, procedures and codes of practices are related to my work are briefly explained below:

You will be given company guidelines to assist you with your role and daily tasks. Few of them are:

Using office equipment: Guidance will be provided about how to use phone, fax, printer, scanner, computer, projector, lightings and secure cabinet safely.

Handling mail: Guidance about handling paper mail and electronic mail (E-mail) safely. Strict guideline will be provided what should you consider before opening an E-mail? How to validate address of sender before opening an E-mail or snail mail? What should you do if name and addresses do not validate?
Telephone manner: Guidance will assist you how to deal with telephone calls. After you joined the company, you will no longer speak in your own welcome tone. Your welcome tone will be given and determined by company. Also guidance will assist you how to deal with query over the phone and how to validate the person you are talking to are real.

Also you will be given guidelines about how to store and retrieve information, how to use information technology or specific programs or software for your role.

Every company has their own internal procedures that explains the way company wants you to carry out the specific tasks. You will be given a booklet where you will find all internal company procedures or the way company deal with a situation. This will tell you how to report an accident at work, first aid procedure, emergency evacuation procedures, how to report absence from work, fire-drill procedure, emergency crisis procedures, complaints procedures etc.

Codes of practice
Codes of practice are ethics of a business. It reflects principle conduct of a business and the way a company or organisation do business. Codes of practice is a way to state company’s position or view on important facts like ethics, confidentiality, equality, contracts, conflict of interests, quality assurance, professional conduct, equality and discrimination and moral rights. So, codes of practice should be standard, fair and acceptable by other businesses or clients. As an employee you have to work according to codes of practice so it doesn’t breach by your action. If codes of practice are breached, company may lose contract with other businesses or clients, company may have to pay penalty or huge loss of income.

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