Friday, 27 November 2015

How do you agree realistic targets for your work and why it is beneficial and important to do so?

In business, ‘realistic targets’ are achievable real goal within given time or real time frame – Foisal Talukdar. To be agreed on realistic targets for your work you have to ensure following things:
  • Targets are real (If you are an account’s assistant and task is given to merchandising goods that displays unreal target which is unrelated to your job post)
  • Accessible resources
  • Accessible support
  • Real Time Frame
  • Review time (Data accuracy)
  • Other Interference
Time is the main factor when it comes to be agreed upon any targets. Also your skills and previous performance need to take into consideration. If you have accomplished any targets previously then you can easily calculate time frame and all other factors related to the new targets.
It is important that you will only be agreed on realistic targets if you are capable of accomplishing it. If you are not capable of achieving targets and you disclose it before agreed upon with explanation then manager or director may set different targets. But you have to determine how much you are capable to achieve. If you are agreed on targets and failure to achieve it may result loss, loss of credibility and reliability and all other interferences associated with targets. Suppose you are given to entry data for stock transfer of 4 sites which requires 400 invoices to check and enter stock data into the system a day. If you are 40 invoices behind every day and end up in 200 invoices a week (5 days of work), then your realistic targets are 360 invoices entry a day. And if you are agreed on 400 invoices and failure to do so may result delay in delivery of stock, loss of clients or consumers as company is unaware of exact stock availability.
Anyways, you must have to review the work you have done for data accuracy. And most important is always to inform manager or director the progress of your targets.
N.B- I used manual stock entry system in 2003. I believe they are no longer in use. If any company have manual stock entry system can upgrade to an automatic invoicing, total sale, vat and real time stock monitoring owning their own software. Please contact me if you require one.

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