Monday, 21 March 2016

How do you plan your work to meet agreed deadlines?

Meeting agreed deadlines are very important in any business environment to improve organisation’s good reputations, honesty, productivity, reliability and own professional development. To meet agreed deadlines, you must have own plan to the specific task and time frame. Plan should be made once task or target is received. But you must not agree to the given time frame for specific task until you make your own plan about how you will accomplish the task within given time frame and reach to the goal. To create a plan for the specific task you must take into consideration the followings:
Tasks are real and accomplishable
Previous experiences: Did you have difficulties to meet deadlines previously? If so, then would it interfere in present tasks or reoccur again. Or create and follow a plan which has been successful to meet agreed deadlines previously?
Accessible resources: What do you need to accomplish the task? And Do you have the accessibility to all the resources you need? Suppose, you will be producing 10000 pack of crisps a day or produce invoice or budget. Do you have all the materials or information in hand to produce that quantity? 
Accessible support: You may need support from others to accomplish the task to meet agreed deadlines. You may need support from Manager, supersviser, human resources and maintenance team. You have to take into account accessibility of all the support you may need during this time.
Real Time Frame: Time is the real factor to meet agreed deadlines. So you will be agreed to the time frame only if you can accomplish the task in given time following your plan.
Review time (Data accuracy): ‘To err is human’. Therefore review is required before delivering any task. So you need to set up review time before delivering the task or reaching agreed deadlines.
Other Interference: It is the main factor you need to take into consideration before being agreed on any deadlines. Mishap can occur any time. Anything can go wrong. Therefore, you should have a plan for each issue to recover from.
You need to take into consideration above all to meet agreed deadlines. Your plan is most important to meet any deadlines. Therefore you should have two plans. I have already mentioned one above and other is ‘emergency crisis plan’. You must have an ‘emergency crisis plan’ for each project where you will plan ahead about imaginary viable circumstances can cause disruption to meet agreed deadlines.

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