Thursday, 24 March 2016

Describe ways to maintain confidentiality in day to day communication?

Breaching confidentiality in day to day communication is often occurred unintentionally or by neglect. And people who breaches purposely sometimes not just only expose the actual fact but also expose with added sugar and flavour of their own evil opinion, hatred and envy. Breaching confidentiality is a crime. Therefore you should be strict and follow company’s procedure when handling confidential matters. The following way you can maintain confidentiality in day to day communication:
  1. Must not disclose confidential information to anyone other than the responsible person need to know and right to know according to company’s policy.
  2. If you are sending information in E-mail you must check that sending mail using server is encrypted.
  3. Validate name, contact information, fax, email before exchanging any confidential information.
  4. Keep confidential information locked in cabinet or room.
  5. If you store confidential information in the computer, it must be password protected.
  6. Please shred any unwanted confidential information you have printed or written on paper.
  7. Care plan and daily care log must be stored in locked cabinet.
  8. Any complaint, misconduct and your opinion must not be written in daily care log.
  9. Please, do not use ‘chatting’ ‘gaming’ apps or software on the computer you have stored confidential information.
  10. Do not bring any confidential fact on your daily gossip and chit chat.
  11. Be respectful to other’s privacy
  12. Report immediately if you notice any non-compliances in handling confidential information. 

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  2. Describe situations where information normally considered to be confidential may need to be passed on.

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    A situation when an individual's health and wellbeing is at risk. A situation when other users and public's health and safety are at risk. A situation when any health and safety features are compromised. When cooperating with police or detectives for criminal investigation. Nothing is confidential when country's national security are threatened or compromised. Thank

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