Monday, 10 December 2012

Diversity, equality, inclusion and discrimination means and their examples?

Diversity means differences. "When a diverse group of people live in a society or nation is called diversity".- Defined By Foisal Talukdar. Diversity is to accepting and embracing differences of people despite their different races, genders, religions, physical abilities and cultures.
Mr. X is muslim, Miss. Y is a lesbian, Mr. Z is black.
"Equality means Equal quality or equal opportunity of life".- Defined by Foisal Talukdar. Equality is to ensure every individual has equal value, opportunity and quality to exercise their own life regardless their race, gender, religion, sexual orientation and disability.
Equal pay for everyone, equal learning facilities, equal share of work load.
Accepting and embracing all differences, includes everyone in the practice and all activities. In a word, all in one.
Providing lavatory facilities for disable person, Interpreter service for different languages people.
Treating someone or a group of people or providing service to someone or a group of people less favorably than others is discrimination.
Not employing man or woman, not providing access of wheel chair users in the premises, failing to provide Halal or Kosher foods.

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