Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Why is it important to acknowledge and learn from your mistake? What are the benefits of doing this?

There is a proverb I can remember of that ‘To err is human’. Error can occur any time. It is a natural part of human character that occurs due to lacking consciousness or concentration influenced by many factors. The main important thing is how we deal with it and what approach we take not for reoccurring. It is a good practice to acknowledge your mistake and learn from it, not to hide and turn from it. When you will analysis a mistake or error, you will find factors or other reasons that have influenced the mistake to be occurred. If you can recognise the exact reason for your mistake, then you would be very cautious next time in the same situation and would not let the same mistake reoccur again.

The mistakes, errors and irregularities that have been pointed out or informed several times are reoccurring can be defined or classified as neglect or carelessness under specific circumstance – Foisal Talukdar

Benefits of acknowledging and learning from your mistake –

·        Support accountability

·        Support honesty at workplace

·        Avoid mistakes to reoccur

·        Reduce complaint which results from mistakes

·        Increase productivity and profit

·        Reduce loss 

·       Reduce misinterpretation of business forecast (unless it has been accounted as calculated risk – Foisal Talukdar)

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