Tuesday, 5 December 2017

What types of problems occur during your work and what are the key ways you can get help with them?

Business Administration Level - 2

Problems that may occur during our work are described here in below –
Office Components

Faulty printer machine

Out of order phone or fax

Faulty desktop or laptop

Software crash

Faulty light bulb

Run out of paper or printer ink

Out of order clock in device

Safety Components

Faulty entrance door

Faulty Lift

Faulty fire exit light

Security Component

Faulty locks or key locks

Computer virus

Faulty CCTV or Burglary alarm

Customer related problems

Angry or abusive customer

Customer cum thief

Suspicious behaviour

Following way you can get help with them –

·        Being pre-organised,  up-to-date with your work

·        Provide with sign or markings for out of order equipment

·        Report immediately to your manager or appropriate personnel

·     Contact appropriate contractors from company’s useful contact book or manual handbook

·        Contact company’s accredited suppliers

·        Seek help from security guards or police if you can’t manage the conflict

In order to deal with above problems, you need to report the problem to your manager or appropriate personnel at first. Each organisation has their own contractors and specialists to deal with faulty equipments and machineries. There are specific contractor for specific task. You can find them in useful contact books or company’s manual handbook. You should only contact the company’s accredited contractor, to deal with faulty equipment and machineries. They also can provide you guidance about what to do in this situation.

You are strongly advised not to jump on a stool to change the light bulb, just because you have done it at home. 

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