Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Explain how you could influence the quality of the service provided? a) Following best practice within your role;

Following best practice within your role

The only way you can influence the quality of service following best practices, agreed ways of working (policies of procedures) and maintaining health and safety. The quality of service will be improved if you follow best practices, policies and procedures and work according to health and safety rules. You will apply practices into your service provision only what and the way you have been agreed, taught or trained following health and safety and company’s policies and procedures. You may also bring some practices from other places or discover your own practices using your best judgement during the span of your role. But you must have to inform and justify from Manager or accredited person before you apply it.
Example: Suppose, you have noticed a resident has been manhandled by a carer while trying to assist with mobility.
The best practice is for you to record and report to the manager immediately which can resolve issue quickly and help to improve services by eliminating causes. But if you do not do so and incident reoccurs again another day in front of a visitor then the bad quality of service in your care home may spread in public.
So, it depends all in your action, practices, knowledge, skills and impartial judgement what can influence the quality of service you are providing.
Following best practices or working accordance with, services or quality of life not only may be improved but also your skills and position may be improved.
---------------------- Md Foisal Miah Talukdar



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