Thursday, 23 July 2015

Is Mutation Possible?

One great quote I can remember today is ‘Created hand will create’. After successful mammal’s cloning, it has been proved that evolution that occurred naturally can be occurred now by us. It all started from the ‘theory of evolution’ great scientist Charles Darwin. Unfortunately, he is not alive today to see the actual result of his theory. He knew among this vast diversity of lives, all species are somehow connected. He knew our families evolved from fish. Then fish slowly transformed into ape over a long period of time then ape transformed into today’s human beings. He used to call it ‘Descend with Modification’. But he never knew why? What was making creature change? What’s happening inside the creature’s body to transform them utterly different from their own species? His entire works was concluded here. He left these mystery to the next generation to solve.

After relentless efforts, modern scientists has given his theory a complete credibility and presented with clone, mutation. ‘Genome’ that helps creature to transform- The only answer was unknown to Charles Darwin. I am not talking about mutation of our own species. I am talking about cross-species mutation like ‘Centaur’ (my first saw replica cross-mutant in Hercules when I was child). In the future, don’t be surprise if you see someone walks along with you on the street human body with swan’s wing on back or human body with elephant’s feet. It’s all just matter of time.

Cross-species mutation technology may become very dangerous for our own species for existence if it falls in wrong hand what I don’t want to explain here. Mutation in own species may generates variations can give us good survival advantage like free from fatal diseases. Hence Darwin’s another word came true ‘Struggle for existence’.

Cross-species mutation has not been fully successful yet. Already experimented on human and frog’s combining their genes. Creature transformed into a lower body of human beings with frog’s head with damage.

Imagine, if further research goes well your pet can have a leg or head like yours and more exciting matter is they can talk. If you are very interested to experiment of such a thing learn more about our body cell and genome, then buy an electronic microscope and buy other stuff like jar, test tube to turn your garage into a lab.

------Md Foisal Miah Talukdar



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