Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Identify five different skills or approaches that might help resolve conflict

Conflict arises among colleagues and others in care sector mostly from different views, method of workings and personal experiences. Obviously there are plenty of other reasons like inequality, domination, discrimination and personal interests (such as conflict for position) can raise conflicts as well. However, conflict and argument should neither occur in front of service user nor should reflect on service standard.
  • Good attitude and good relationships (Good partnership working): As far as possible, make sure that you treat others calmly and try to build mutual respect. Do your best to be courteous to one-another and remain constructive even under pressure.
  • Paying undivided attention to the interests that are being presented: By listening carefully you'll most-likely understand why the person is adopting his or her position.
  • Listen first; talk second: To solve a problem effectively you have to understand what person’s view is and where it is coming from before defending your own position.
  • Keep people and problems separate: Remember you are in conflict to an issue not to a person. By separating the problem from the person, real issues can be debated without damaging working relationships.
  • Compromising Attitude: Compromising helps to find a solution that will at least partially satisfy everyone. Everyone is expected to give up something and the compromiser him- or she also expects to relinquish something.

 Moral Note: Remember, the people you are serving are someone’s parents, grandparents and above all our people. Reflect and imagine yourself in the same situation after 30-50 years and should you expect the same you are doing now. Because, it is said that what goes around comes around. And I have found a true relativity to the Newton’s third rule is ‘Every action has equal or opposite reaction.’ Do not do anything that you would not expect when you will be like them.


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