Monday, 7 April 2014

Identify one report on serious failure to protect individual from abuse. Describe the unsafe practice in review.

Mr. X is physically frail and immobile who lives in a care home. Due to lack of his mobility and other age related issues, Mr. X supposed to assist by two professional carers for personal care and mobility using equipment. One of the carer found nobody in his unit to assist him in one of the afternoon and tried himself to assist Mr. X to the lavatory as Mr. X told him it is an emergency and he needed to access the lavatory without delay. While carer was helping Mr. X on his own to the lavatory, Mr. X fell of the sling and broke his hip. In daily care records it is found that carer very often assist him on his own.

Review:  Although care plan clearly stated that two carers should assist Mr. X according to risk assessment but carer has been failure to follow rules and procedure. Physical abuse has occurred in this incident. Also this physical abuse can lead Mr. X to psychological abuse through trauma (afraid of being moved). As an employee, he should not only to comply with rules and procedure and follow the care plan but also has responsibility to inform employer if he notices any hazardous handling activities in the workplace. Also he should inform manager if he needs resources which he has been failure to do. Unsafe practices identified in this incidence has listed below –

Ø  Mr. X is assisted and manhandled by one carer
Ø  Not following rules and procedures by employee
Ø  Supervision has not been carried out properly as carer has assisted Mr. X previously on his own
Ø  Adequate resources and information has not been provided by the company or carer was not following any
Ø  Adequate human resource has not been provided by the employer
Ø  Employer has also been failure to maintain safe working environment.


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