Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Describe the components of a personal development plan

Target/Goal: Target is an aim of your career life. It is like what you would like to become in the future. Where would you like to reach as part of career or professional development?
Strength: Strength is your current capabilities and understandings about the profession. It also expresses your curiosity to explore wider area of this profession.
Feedback: Feedback is a way to know what others think about your current practice. It helps to identify areas you need to improve knowledge and skills.
Development Needs: It is about training and qualifications, you need to accomplish in order to reach your ambition. You also need to identify areas need improvement of your current practice.
Action Plan: Action plan is to determine the way you are going to achieve these qualifications and trainings (such as enrolling for NVQ in Health and Social Care level 3 with XYZ Academy, completing first aid training from ABC network).
Milestone or Timeline: It is about to set up a time frame for each training and qualifications you have to achieve. It will help you to be more dedicated towards your learning and development.
Review: Review is required to measure up whether action plans are effective or not. It helps to find out whether you have accomplished training and qualifications according to timeframe, or you have to set up a new timeframe.


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