Saturday, 30 June 2012

Explain how person centered approach which offers choices and upholds rights can empower an individual and help to reduce the likelihood of abuse?

The main factor is in person centered approach to count and treat everyone as an individual with respect. Treating every individual with dignity, make informed choices, respecting every individual's views, encouraging and supporting in active participation, helping individual service user and all worker (regardless position) to make complaint and comments and maintaining confidentiality. All of the above practices can help individuals to gain their self-esteem and recognize their values, rights and powers what protect them from being abused.

Note (My research) : '' Over empowered vulnerable people can abuse care workers or surrounding others ''.


  1. Describe how a person centered approach can support individual with dementia ti eat and drink

    1. Treating everyone as an individual and make them informed choices are the best person centered approaches. If we treat everyone as an individual then his or her wishes, preferences can be aware of individually. And it will be much convenient to fulfil being aware of their wishes or preferences to meet service users satisfaction in order to provide quality services. Many people with dementia can make their own choices such as what they like to wear, what they like to eat or drink. If anyone are unable to make so, we can inform them available choices. They may not be able to communicate or tell us anything sometimes so we need to show them the available options. We may also aware of their choices such as what do they like to eat or drink most from their biography or asking service user’s family or friends. Another important thing is observation. By observing, we may make note what they like to eat and drink most or what went well.
      We always should offer them with options and choices.

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