Sunday, 10 June 2018

Analyse how the development, maintenance and breakdown of relationships can be influenced by

·         Social factors: There are differences in our lifestyle as we all live in a different society. Therefore, developing a relationship can be very difficult, due to the differences in our lifestyle and intellectual level.   
·         Economic factors: Developing and maintaining a relationship cost us financially. Maintenance of a relationship completely depends on reciprocity such as exchanging gifts, attending parties and functions which can cost an individual financially.
·         Cultural factors: We live in a society where people have different culture, different value and different beliefs. These differences play a vital role to develop and maintain a relationship. An individual may fail to develop a relationship if they do not have sincerity to different cultures, values and beliefs.
·         Psychological factors: A relationship development and maintenance processes depend on an individual’s mental capabilities. Participants conduct and mutual toleration are very important for developing and maintaining a relationship. Stress, anger, ignorance, avoidance and many other types of human psychological behaviour can breakdown a relationship; also stress, anger, aggression, suicide and other types of psychological behaviour can occur, due to breakdown of a relationship.
·         Physical factors: Physical factors such as physical ability play a huge role on developing and maintaining a relationship. An individual may not be able to develop a relationship with others due to their disability or other medical conditions that affect their physical ability. Even if an individual become fortunate enough to develop one, they may not be able to maintain it, due to the lack of adaptation of lifestyle between participants.

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