Friday, 25 May 2018

Analyse ways in which an understanding of relationship theories can enhance health and social care practice

Let me create a very brief descriptive scenario here. A senior (I do not use the word ‘old’ and have explained end of this essay why?) individual at his or her end of life or retired life with health complexity is living in a care home or nursing home. The only people he or she sees are complete strangers. The only thing the individual counts are the date and time. A day means nothing but another staring at the same old diary and a photo album for the individual. Unknown faces and surroundings make the individual feared and silenced even in the safest place.

After a month or two, a visitor (a known face) came to see the individual. A visitor seems to be like an angel for the individual even though from the bitter or broken relationship.

Understanding of basic principle: Understanding the basic principle of relationship can help us to understand how relationship was built up and how it might end.

Understanding the types of relationship and objectives: Every relationship is important. There are some types of relationship are more important than others in an individual’s life. Understanding each type of relationship will provide us in-depth knowledge about each type of relationship and objectives, and how they were built up and importance.

Understanding of inherent relationship and rights: In health and social care, we often have dilemma about the rights of inherent or genetic relationship. However, we must consider the importance of this kind of relationship in an individual’s health and wellbeing.

Understanding about relationship ending or deteriorating process: If we have understanding about relationship ending or deteriorating process, then we can easily identify the effects on the individual.

Understanding the culture: It is very important to understand the culture and lifestyle which influence the way relationships are built, end and effects on an individual.

N.B - The word we should use in our writing must respect others even in the case of using adjective.

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