Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Explain the implication of that legal entity on the structure and management of the organisation

Every human being is responsible for their own action if liberty and democracy are properly exercised.  Although we are all responsible for our own action, but there are merely few people who have legal standing in the eyes of law, and can influence the structure and management of the organisation. Legal entity can be the head of each department or section within organisation or just Manager or Director. Home managers, area managers or regional managers are specially registered manager who have legal responsibilities on the structure and management of the organisation. In the matter of any recruitment process, Head of the HR have legal standing in the eyes of law. Different departments have got different legal entity within organisation.
Due to legal and various regulators’ obligations, those legal entities have huge responsibilities to impose and maintain regulators’ standard and guidelines within organisation, to meet legal requirements. The regulators’ requirements and guidelines change from time to time. Hence, there are many changes occur from time to time within our service provision, due to imposing this new changes by legal entities. Every professional must be answerable to the legal entity as and when needed. Therefore, all other professionals must be working towards the objective and standard imposed or set out by the legal entity. The implication of the legal entity on the structure and managements are pointed out in below -
·         Legal entities are responsible to impose rules and guidelines and maintain standards according to regulators standards and internal policies and procedures
·         Legal entities must inspect or appoint someone to inspect or ensure regulators’ standards are being met within organisation.
·         Legal entities can take reasonable action to change organisational structures and management if it is necessary. 

·         Legal entities can add or remove services or change any features of the existing service within organisation

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