Monday, 26 June 2017

Compare inclusive practice with practice which excludes an individual

Inclusive Practices
Practices that Exclude Individuals
Providing customised food menu service, by respecting every individual’s religious or cultural requirements.
Providing food menu service according to the majorities requirements.
Providing entrance, equipment and water closet (W/C) facilities to the people with disability or special needs.
Not to consider, having those facilities in the premises, as very few people will have necessity to access it.
Providing interpreter, translation and advocate services for the people with language differences.
Authorities neither recognise these needs and nor provide any services to accommodate these needs for the people with language differences.
Job advertisement and application form has been designed to encourage applicant from any age group, gender, culture and disability.
Job advertisement and application has been designed to encourage only specific group of people, without being followed ‘positive action’ rules which is ‘genuine occupational qualification’.
Equal pay and training facilities has been provided for all employees
Those practices haven’t been implied for few just because they are migrant workers and don’t speak much in English.

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