Tuesday, 4 November 2014

A thesis: What is dream? And why do we see dream?

Dream is nothing but a reflection of your brain’s present and past activities. It is made up of your past, present and future thoughts, events, imagination and activities. I am not a neuro-biologist who may explain different neuro-biological term more in details. But as a person I put down my point of view that may lead someone to think it different way. All of the human beings at least once in their life time see dreams while they are sleeping or brain and body is in inactive mode. Why does it occur? We do not let it occur (in some cases we can). It occurs automatically. Your thoughts, plans, joys, sorrows, fears, imaginations what you are going through or went through in your real life, all may appear in your dream exact way or different way bearing the same messages. Sometimes people dream future events as well. It can be exactly the same way or different way bearing the same messages and many people call it as a miracle. But it is not miracle. It is almost possible to anyone. Anyone can see the future events depending on their subjects, plans, life style and how deep their thoughts are and how many times they thought about that subject and planned using their memory and how much mark (cache) they left in their memory. In a word it depends on their brains activities. There is a logical explanation for almost everything in this world. Logical explanation is required when it comes to the term ‘different way or different scenario bears the same messages’. Suppose you saw you was drowning in an ocean or ocean of lager and can’t breathe as you are drowning. In reality, you are not likely to drown in a lager ocean. So you called it nightmare. The dream you saw is bearing a message of present, past or forthcoming event in your life and you can aware of that only by logical explanation. Your brain is the mysterious part of your body. 

Knowing this all only one question remains to know that how it occurs. Have you ever seen your browser automatically suggests sites of your choices? Of course it does. Browser suggests pages automatically restoring cookies and caches from your visited pages in the present or past then suggest your next choices. Exactly the same way without programming language and software our memory preserve caches and cookies from our present and past thoughts, events, future plans, imaginations including  joy, grief, fear, excitement, adventures then it produces scenario linking all cache data together which bears the message of your present, past or upcoming events or thoughts. I understand Neuro-biological term is completely different. It is my theory and I do provide logical explanation for my theory.

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