Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Care Plan

What is Care Plan? 
Care plan is by other means plan of care. An agreed plan is made by authorised person to deliver effective and accurate care service according to individual’s necessity. Care plan is not just pieces of papers gathered together to ignore. It is essential part of your role and responsibilities. Studying care plan you can aware of individual’s specific needs and main aim of the service you will provide.

What includes in care plan?
Service user’s personal details, Family contacts, GP contact details, emergency contact, past medical history, present medical history, service user’s capabilities, communication methods, dietary restrictions, risk assessment, medication management assessment, service user’s handling assessment, your duties and responsibilities.

How and who can contribute to it?
Service users, service user’s family, social workers, doctors, nurses and anyone who have understanding to its related contents can contribute to make and update a care plan. Service users and their families can better describe what they need and their preferences. Doctors and nurses can better describe service user’s specific needs, dietary restrictions and medication management. So, it is important to communicate with all of the related professionals, service users and their families and to be agreed what should be included in the plan.

How and who can review care plan?
Review is carried out by authorised person in every 6 months. But it could take place earlier whenever a service user’s circumstances changes such as capabilities, dietary restrictions, medication and preferences. As service user’s condition can change time to time and so do care plan should change according to his or her needs. You and other expertise will play a vital role in reviewing care plan. Let alone, a service user’s who was able to stand or walk can no longer able to walk or stand. A service user’s medication has been changed or a service user’s needs equipment for mobility. A physiotherapist can assess service user to find out the best equipment for his mobility. You can find out what service user prefers and how or any reaction occurring during delivering services. You may also find out the new risk which may harm you, service user or others around you. As you or other professionals will be closely working with service user so you are responsible to provide information to help updating care plan while reviewing took place. Observation, reporting and recording is essential part of your role for this process.

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